About Us

Hi, I'm Caitlin Kruse! I founded The Mama Notes Activity Shop while 26 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child out of a desire to give back in a new way to the online community I've created. I've been blogging and working in the online world for over 11 years. In 2016 I founded The Mama Notes website in order to share my experience in motherhood,  provide interviews with experts, showcase product reviews and create activities for kids & toddlers all with a goal of helping other moms in their own journey!  

I quickly came to realize that my community  craves access to easy activities to do with their toddlers. I also learned how real #momguilt is and how many of YOU feel it too. It's so easy to get caught up in all the Pinterest perfect images shared on social media of projects, family outings, holiday decor and feeling like you aren't up to par. 
You may also feel like you're letting your kids spend too much time in front of a screen or not being creative enough with how you play together. Trust me, I feel the same. I know how precious time is when you're a SAHM trying to keep up with it all or if you're working a demanding career trying to juggle the best you can.  

This is how the idea for The Mama Notes Activity Shop was born. I want to make this part of motherhood easier for YOU. To deliver a box full of educational and creative activities that make it easier and more fun to engage with your kids. I'll do the legwork for you! 

You can expect a LOT more to come from this shop, with seasonal boxes being offered every quarter in addition to non-seasonal/holiday themed boxes, smaller kits, individual products, collaborations and more!