Play Dough

Some of our activity boxes include a 5oz container of handmade, food-grade play dough. There are so many wonderful benefits of using play dough with children and several of our activity boxes include ideas for open-ended play dough experiences. 

Our play dough lasts 2-3 months when stored properly in an air-tight container. We suggest using the plastic container it comes in! If you find your dough is becoming dried out mist it with a little water and knead it. If you live in a warm or humid climate you may want to store the dough in the fridge. 

Ingredients in our dough: Wheat flour, potassium bitartrate, corn oil, sodium silcoaluminate, food coloring, vegetable glycerin. 
*May contain sesame or almond oil. Please contact us if have an allergy to sesame or almond oil for an alternate dough.